On getting older

The older I get the more I realise I can’t do. This is just normal stuff that other can do regardless of whether the older or younger like winter sports, driving, getting a job. You never realise how much society shapes and influences you until you retire, you go on holiday, you move or something that removes you from normality. I have never been a normal person even before I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome at 17. I have never fit in with my peer group. I have always been others that were either much older due to there ability to respect my differences or much younger as they don’t really care. I am the ultimate square peg in a round hole and trying to conform has damaged an already damaged person.



Now speech is a problem I have had my entire life. I was almost 2 when I started talking. I don’t think I ever did the normal sounds and went straight to credit card, car park and John miffs. (John smiths). This shows my mum liked shopping and we would drive past the brewery at Tadcaster quite frequently. I had speech therapy at 4 as I had a lazy mouth and couldn’t pronounce things properly. I still have that lazy mouth because as anybody who has ever looked or listened to me talking,  I barely move lips or mouth so understanding what I say is an art form. You can get used to it but if I’m away from you for a while, you will forget and have to do it all over again. I know this affects everybody I meet and you have to be quite forgiving and understanding to remain friends with me. The aspergers doesn’t help either. I struggle with saying simple everyday words and will quite frequently have to correct what I just said as it came out wrong. This is why conflict and talking on the phone are so difficult for me. I’m always rather modest and don’t promote myself hence bargaining for a new mobile contract or even getting a job are extremely difficult. As I don’t lisp or a hare lip these means I’m judged all the time. If a person kept saying coleslaw when they meant cold sore or couldn’t properly pronounce Philosopher you wouldn’t think it was that big of a deal but those are just 2 recent examples.

Beer and pancakes

This man is a man after my own heart as he loves pancakes so much and has experimented with the ingredients a lot further than I have and I have great zeal when it comes to that most holy of dishes – pancakes. Pancake day is a regular ocurrance for me.


So you see pancakes are not just for pancake day (and beer is not just for drinking in the evening)


I have just been to seen this movie and it is the worst movie I’ve ever paid for. This does not mean it is a terrible movie as I have seen far worse (namely childrens movies) but £8 was too much and the fact I was the only person watching it shows that the public think the same. There was a single woman watching the showing beforehand and she came saying it was the biggest load of rubbish she had ever seen and its the kind of thing you should watch at 5am and drunk. She also wondered how it got made in the first place. Now the movie is not that bad and you shouldn’t watch it at 5am as you won’t understand it but a drink is recommended as anyone who has ever coded in there entire life will know that is about as interesting a profession as watching paint dry. Movies like swordfish and james bond have gadgets and girls to make it seem interesting but this is a gritty, realistic, political drama. This makes it incredibly dull and slow as real life is not really that fun, thats why we go to the movies for escapism. Politics is also an uninteresting subject that bores even those whose job it is if you have ever watched the house of commons debates on TV. The movie has to have a bit of romantic interest to keep it a bit lighter but that is pretty obvious and doesn’t add much tension. Even the events like a power plant malfunctioning are not that suspenseful. While the movie could possibly happen in real life, which is maybe why they made it as a cautionary tale, they really shouldn’t have bothered.


Now these come in many forms, many people wear them on a daily basis of all ages and there is a wide variety catering for all sorts of different needs. I have several watches because I like to know what time it is as I’m terrible when it comes to a sense of time. I simply do not have one. I have tried to gain one but it it not something you can acquire I do not think. You either have it or you don’t. This presents a problem as our world runs on time and if you do not turn up to timed appointments at the right time you will not get the benefit of that particular appt. This could be healthcare, a job, a birthday or something less important like products on sale. I also have the unfortunate ability to make watches constantly stop. Apparently this is fixed by quartz which is ironically present in cheaper watches but pretty much every watch I have ever owned has stopped on me once. This is regardless of design, price, material, brand or country of origin. I have lots of sizes and colours but the watches tend to have some fault that makes them unwearable for me. It could be the that the metal links pinch my skin/trap the hairs, the bracelet keeps falling apart as its adjustable, its too long, the material irritates the skin, the clasp is for a left hand person and thats just the strap. As for the face I have had one that was white on white so could not be read and I have only had 1 digital watch a baby g but that was rather big and clunky. You get used to the weight of a watch until you stop wearing it usually because the battery has gone. Then you realise how heavy it actually was. I have also had watches break as soon as I have tried to put them on my wrist. Some watches are also more for decoration and look fancy but are useful for telling the time as they turn over and ride up your arm. I like watches but when they stop I quite frequently do not realise this so rely on clocks around but more often than not these are incorrect and will not agree with my current time. I do have issues with people that have clocks set incorrectly and power cuts also reset everything you you have to constant reprogram things with clocks. I like setting reminders for things but if these do not go off I can forget or be late for what ever it was that I wanted to remember which can be quite awkward. I do not think this situation will resolve itself any time soon with with the increase in technological capabilities. I’m always killing watches and its annoying when the warranties/guarantees run out and I can’t get them repaired as they cost too much. I even have an eco citizen watch that is supposed to be battery free but this is not true and another watch that has 2 batteries, one for the display and another to power it. How difficult can it be to make a simple analogue watch that consistently tells the time? The date function would be helpful too.

Free From Series : Gluten Free

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Steering away from gluten for one reason or another does not necessary mean you have to cut certain food items from your diet. It really just means we can be a bit creative and substitute items into the dish so you can eat it, I mean cooking really is just about having fun.

I can safely say the pie crust is incredible, one of our fave recipes in the household.

IMG_6101 Quinoa Crust for Pizza or Cheesy Garlic Bread by The Wholesome Dish

Baking quinoa in the oven? HelloFresh has just recently come across this on social media and the gluten free ones in the office had to give it a go. Crisp and cheesy, it was crazy good.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Best Gluten Free Pie Crust by Comfortably Domestic

This. This. This is what I am talking about, buttery crumbly pastry with all the glorious fillings of your choice.

Do not treat…

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