Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – drinks

Now drinking is a thing that inspires a lot of chat. Sometimes it’s to justify one more, (one for the road, a nightcap) sometimes to say your not an alcoholic (it has been mentioned by bloggers) or other times its because your writing a book/blog about it. While I was in Cheltenham there were 2 guys (ben mcfarland and tom sandham) who call themselves the thinking drinkers and whose motto is drink less but drink better, did a show at the town hall. I didn’t manage to catch it as I didn’t know about it in time but I have read some of their book which was later signed and purchased and it’s very interesting. A lot of work has gone into the book and when I was talking to them they told me it took about a year to do which I think is pretty good going. I hopefully will get to see their show at some point as it travels round the country. At the book signing they had samples of buffalo trace whiskey which was quite nice, Plymouth gin which was also good then belvedere vodka which I didn’t like and jameson irish whiskey which I also disliked. 20 ml of neat alcohol is a lot for 1pm but it was for a good cause ūüėȬ† As to actual drinking places, Harry cook’s bar which is opposite brasserie blanc is a nice place with a variety of drinks and has bottled craft beer from places like Newport (tiny rebel) as well as more local breweries since there is 3 in Cheltenham itself (battledown, cotswold lion, prescott) and 13 in the county overall (Stroud, goff’s, Donnington, cotswold, cotswold spring, hillside, purity, bath, Butcombe, wye valley,¬† ) according to the literature I was reading there from camra although Google disagrees. To confuse matters further there is an area and shopping centre called the brewery which does not have a brewery but does house the screening rooms 3 screen posh cinema and the cineworld 9 screen imax cinema which has recently refurbished one of its screens. I had some cocktails at lily gins and there speciality is to put egg white to improve the texture but it didn’t affect the flavour or the odour. This is apparently not that novel although I would have thought it was. It also has a good quote by Oscar wilde on the wall (l’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisified with the best.) Which is quite similiar to the thinking drinkers motto as mentioned above. A good bottle shop which now has a license to drink in is appropriately called favourite beers. They have local, London, us, belgian, Danish etc beers so everyone you would want and a lot more, they also have ciders if that’s what you like. Plus you can check out the Banksy art work in the nearby telephone box/wall/satillite dish. I went to many different pubs through Cheltenham which varied in there offerings from traditional like the tavern and beehive with its open fire to the alehouse which had 12 taps on the back wall with about 6 on the bar front and numerous bottles in fridge, to bar/cafe style the strand which had a couple of standard taps and a few rotating, your well catered for regardless of what your favourite tipple is.

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