Colorado beers

I have had several new beers while I have been in Colorado. I had Tommy Knocker whose maple nut brown beer was very nice, Dry Dock whose vanilla porter and Apricot Blonde were good, Deschutes Mirror pale ale which I liked and some varieties of beer from breweries that I already knew like the Flipside an ipa, Blindfold a black ipa, Golden a golden beer, Beer Camp 2015, a hoppy lager and Hop Hunter also an ipa, all from Sierra nevada as they come in a 6 pack along with the well known Torpedo. I had a nice beer from Stone too called Delicious, an ipa with lemon sherbet flavours. It was not all good though as I had some beers that were not to my liking eg Rainier although there interesting with a puzzle under the cap. I didn’t particularly like the 2 below even though that was a bit old the one I tried. Boohai from crazy mountain brewery was another that I didn’t care for and I had a beer called psycho penguin that was a vanilla porter but it had a weird intial taste. The one that nobody really like was a grapefruit beer by amity in louisana.  That would explain why it was rather cheap but also its quite far from colorado so it suffered quite a bit in transportation. These are not bad beers per se but it’s all about discovering new hops and ways of combining them with different water to create something new.

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