Renegade brewery, Denver, Colorado

This is an awesome brewery (, that I spent a couple of hours in. There so popular that they now have 2 premises and there in the process of moving between them. I had pretty much all there beers that they had on tap and also a mix of 2 of them. For those that are not familiar, there is 5:00, which is an afternoon beer since it is only 5% and fairly light as it’s a pale ale/pilsner style with 25 ibus. I didn’t have this one as it didn’t interest me. I think it’s nice that in the us they list the IBUs as standard on the label as well as the percentage and style. You can have a “flight” which is all the beers for $12 in small 2oz glasses so a sampler or a paddle as we may call them. The first beer I did have was consilium, a 5% pale ale with 40 IBU’s. It has orange peel which is quite subtle, oats and lactose. This makes it quite smooth, easy drinking and it has a rounded mouth feel. I know that sounds like wine talk but why not, a flight is a wine term too. The bar hands are very helpful and knowledgeable and even gave me a tour of the brewery even though it wasn’t tour day (Fri and Sat). The beer comes in 4 oz,  which is about a third of a pint, 10 oz which is about a half and a pint. The second I had was redacted, 7%, 60 IBU’s, rye ipa. This used to be called ryetous. I didn’t think that much to it but sam loved it and it’s very popular. The next was hiatus, 40 IBU’s, 5.5%, cold coffee infused ipa. This is a dark amber brown colour and has a small white head on it. This was a really nice tasting beer and we had a 4 oz each and after a 10 oz to share as it was our favourite. You can take your time drinking the beer by playing one of the many games they have there or reading about the brewery in the signs around the place. If you get hungry while sampling they have a list of the best local takeaways that you can order from for delivery while your waiting. The fourth one I had was berbere, a spicy stout that was 10%, 50 IBU’s, and has ethiopian curry spices in it. It was also good and tasted similar to sirens spicy pumpkin beer that I have recently been enjoying. By the time we got to elevation, 100+ IBU’s, there 11% ipa; it was all gone so they had to change the “flight offer” to 6 beers and $9.50. Hammer and sickle, 9%, 60 IBU’s, was there Russian imperial stout that wasn’t really for me but sam liked it. He also had a mixture of hammer and sickle with hiatus. These beers are available in 4/6 pk cans and 16/32 oz bottles to take away. In the us big bottles are called bombers or growlers but nobody knows why so they suggested Google for my answers, (Wikipedia does history but not etymology). Strangely most beers are not available in small bottles or single cans so it makes it difficult to try new things. Also there is the rule that all beers above 3.2% can’t be sold in a supermarket only pubs, breweries or liquor stores. Plus they challenge 30 in some places so yes I got ided.

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