Pikes peak brewery, monument, colorado

This is a brewery (pikes peak brewery, monument, colorado) I visited on my way from colorado springs to denver airport. It has a tour that you can go on but since we were on a time budget we didn’t partake this time around. We instead went in the cafe/restaurant/bar bit which is next door. The bar keep was a friendly lady who served us our flight and gave us some info about the place and beer. They had a lot of beers in there flight so your certainly getting value for money. First I tried was a nice, clean belgian called gold rush that was a light golden colour with a little head and carbonation. It thankfully didn’t taste of bananas although that was the pervading smell in the area. Probably due to the salted caramel banana bread pudding that was on the dessert menu. We didn’t try the food as we’re not not fancying Mexican and subsequently went to a restaurant in Castle Rock closer to Denver.
The others in our party was not so keen on but there not really belgian fans. There was an ipa called elephant rock there that I wasn’t too fond of as it was a bit piny, but my husband really liked. There was also a special, a chocolate amber that he liked and while I’m going to congratulate them on trying something different, l don’t think you should put chocolate in an amber beer. There was also a pale ale called ascent that was quite drinkable and was suitable for people that prefer lager or less bitter beers. That was it for the lighter beers having covered the main styles of pale, ipa, amber and belgian. They didn’t do a hefeweizen or wheat beer at that particular moment. Next in terms of colour was the red ale, devils head which I thought was quite enjoyable but again hubby didn’t as that’s not his kind of thing. Head is a thing that varies on beers in America. Sometimes they have lots and sometimes none. They occasionally like the german pour of tip upside down to get as much head as possible. I heard that some canned beers are even designed to be poured that way.
Now onto the darker beers. The Americans are fond of English beers and the more traditional styles that have fallen out of favour back in the UK with the younger crowd. Therefore the little london, an english mild was drunk by the older members of our party. There was an oatmeal stout, summit house that was quite nice but by far the best of the lot was there coffee infused stout that was a special. As you might be able to tell from reading my blog we are both rather fond of coffee beers. Some would say it ruins both coffee and beer but I disagree. We got some to take away. They have special big cans that you can take away filled with whatever beer you would like. They also have black branded growlers which are like the massive clear glass jugs you get scrumpy jack in from the supermarket over here.
In the bar there is a chalk board which there current selection on tap along with its credentials eg taste, strength, style etc. When you get your flight there is a piece of paper with all the names so you can remember which is why as the glasses are not marked apart from there brand name.

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  1. simonbroderick says:

    You should show us a few pictures! 🙂

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  2. I didn’t have any time unfortunately.


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