Ingredients that are Used to Produce Beers

Trappist Beer Shop


Water is required to produce beer. This is the main reason that old breweries prefer a location that is close to springs, lakes, rivers and oceans. This water is used for many purposes such as to produce steam andprocess cereal. In addition to it, the water is used to wash and rinse barrels and bottles. Brewing vessels are also cleaned and rinsed with this water. To cap it all, it can be said that a lot of water is required for production of beer.


It is said as a vigorous plant that is not available easily. It can be found in very rare areas such as Yugoslavia, Germany, Poland, France and Belgium. Hops are used to give a bitter taste to the beer.


The ingredients that are rich in starch are used for the productions of beers. It is impossible to produce beers without wheat, sorghum, rye…

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