I have just been to seen this movie and it is the worst movie I’ve ever paid for. This does not mean it is a terrible movie as I have seen far worse (namely childrens movies) but £8 was too much and the fact I was the only person watching it shows that the public think the same. There was a single woman watching the showing beforehand and she came saying it was the biggest load of rubbish she had ever seen and its the kind of thing you should watch at 5am and drunk. She also wondered how it got made in the first place. Now the movie is not that bad and you shouldn’t watch it at 5am as you won’t understand it but a drink is recommended as anyone who has ever coded in there entire life will know that is about as interesting a profession as watching paint dry. Movies like swordfish and james bond have gadgets and girls to make it seem interesting but this is a gritty, realistic, political drama. This makes it incredibly dull and slow as real life is not really that fun, thats why we go to the movies for escapism. Politics is also an uninteresting subject that bores even those whose job it is if you have ever watched the house of commons debates on TV. The movie has to have a bit of romantic interest to keep it a bit lighter but that is pretty obvious and doesn’t add much tension. Even the events like a power plant malfunctioning are not that suspenseful. While the movie could possibly happen in real life, which is maybe why they made it as a cautionary tale, they really shouldn’t have bothered.

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