Now speech is a problem I have had my entire life. I was almost 2 when I started talking. I don’t think I ever did the normal sounds and went straight to credit card, car park and John miffs. (John smiths). This shows my mum liked shopping and we would drive past the brewery at Tadcaster quite frequently. I had speech therapy at 4 as I had a lazy mouth and couldn’t pronounce things properly. I still have that lazy mouth because as anybody who has ever looked or listened to me talking,  I barely move lips or mouth so understanding what I say is an art form. You can get used to it but if I’m away from you for a while, you will forget and have to do it all over again. I know this affects everybody I meet and you have to be quite forgiving and understanding to remain friends with me. The aspergers doesn’t help either. I struggle with saying simple everyday words and will quite frequently have to correct what I just said as it came out wrong. This is why conflict and talking on the phone are so difficult for me. I’m always rather modest and don’t promote myself hence bargaining for a new mobile contract or even getting a job are extremely difficult. As I don’t lisp or a hare lip these means I’m judged all the time. If a person kept saying coleslaw when they meant cold sore or couldn’t properly pronounce Philosopher you wouldn’t think it was that big of a deal but those are just 2 recent examples.

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