Goodbye Terry Pratchett

Thanks for appreciating terry.


On Tuesday morning, I was telling my best friend about going to see Neil Gaiman the day before. I told him that he talked about Terry having Alzheimer’s and I got the impression that Terry didn’t have long to live. I told him, it was something about the way Neil paused, not looking up, and there was a kinetic emotion that I experienced in the crowd. I can’t speak for Neil or how he was feeling at that moment, but in my mind, there was a great sadness. I felt it myself. I was not surprised when his passing was announced today, because I already had the impression it was coming soon. For that, I say thank you to Neil for softening the blow today.

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Here Today; Pi Tomorrow

I would just liked to say that I obeyed the law this year and had pie on national pie day. I usually obey the law and have pancakes on pancake day. The more obvious ones are cake on birthday and dinner /pudding on Christmas.

Logos con carne

Earlier this week I mentioned that “this coming Saturday is a doubly special date (especially this year).” One of the things that makes it special is that it is pi day — 3/14 (at least for those who put the month before the day). What makes it extra-special this year is that it’s 3/14/15— a pi day that comes around only once per century. (Super-duper extra-specialpi day, which happens only once in a given calendar, happened way back on 3/14/1529.)

I’ve written before about the magical pi, and I’m not going to get into it, as such, today. I’m more of a tau-ist, anyway; pi is only half as interesting. (Unfortunately, extra-special tau day isn’t until 6/28/31, and the super-duper extra-special day isn’t until 6/28/3185!)

What I do want to talk about is a fascinating property of pi.

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Apple Bacon Coleslaw

Quite a different coleslaw.

The Storm Brewing

This is, seriously, the BEST coleslaw I have ever tasted! Forget, for a moment, that there’s bacon in it, what really makes this coleslaw amazing is the dressing.  The honey, orange juice and fresh lemon juice all work together to give it that extra pop of flavor that most coleslaws lack.
But what pushes this recipe over the top, of course, is the bacon!  It infuses everything with a bit of smokiness and touch of saltiness that takes this dish from exceptional to one you’ll crave long after it’s gone.
Adapted from Ghetto Foodie.
Apple Bacon Coleslaw
In a very large bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients.
Whisk Dressing Ingredients
Shred the cabbage, slice the green onions and chop the apples.  Add everything to the bowl with the dressing and stir to combine.


Since this recipe calls for ½ pound of bacon, I actually cut the unopened package of bacon in half and use that…

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Life is about emotion and feeling. Sometimes we have too much and others we have just been cleansed of feelings and emotions. As a woman you have an abundance of these and was just thinking this morning that I was happy that my hormones had sorted themselves out and then I find out about terry pratchett and I’m at once sad and compelled to write after reading a bit about him. I love how he combines all the different facets of life how it used to be and how it now is. It’s maybe for the best that discworld didn’t get too modern as where would the beauty be in that. Real life has its trolls, vampires, werewolves etc but there just not as obvious as in the books. The tv shows never seemed to match up to the books as imagination is often quite different to reality and there almost setting in stone a depiction that can’t match up to your own. This is the brilliance of the discworld, it’s based in reality but each person has there own thoughts, feelings and view on it. They all can be right too. So we all should live life to the full as terry would have wanted for death is coming for us all its just when he gets here we will not know.

Terry pratchett

It is with a sad heart that I mourn the loss of my favourite author today. I will not get to read the book about taxes that may have been written or anything else that he can think of to poke fun at. I have spent many hours even days reading about stamps, coins, trains even time and death itself. He had a wonderful grasp of fantasy, myth and reality. He managed to put it all together with humour and human observation. There was even a bit of religion for those that like that. The world will be a much poorer place without his wit and wisdom. I now need to finish my collection of books to properly honour his memory.


Now initially you may think oh no not another robot cop movie or you may even be thinking of Johnny 5. While this is a movie about a robot who is a cop it’s a lot more than either of the 2 previous movies. It’s humane, funny, geeky and with plenty of action. It explores what it means to be human, why we make the choices we do and end up in the situations that are the result of those actions. It examines vulnerability and how we cope with the corporate world and what happens when despite our best efforts we can’t make ends meet. This is not a celebral or heavy movie but it makes us look at ourselves in a new light. Greed and the need for control does not motivate everybody. We all have our moral fibre and when we’re young it’s very easy to see black from white but as we get older it becomes many shades of grey. (Just not 50). This movie reminded me of myself and my struggle to operate correctly in a world where the rules are not innate and instead have to be learned. If your not careful you could get abused or taken advantage of. Also the molding of your own identity/copying to become like those around  you and to fit in and belong somewhere. I like the story of the black sheep as I am one and there is a nice treatment of mortality without getting too religious. It’s a movies for guys and girls although it’s not sugar coated, it’s real. It’s the movie black hat could have been as both feature programming.

Cafes of Canterbury

I have been to the oasis cafe recently which is run by St Andrews church. It’s open 10-2pm on Tuesday -Friday . It serves soup, sandwiches, desserts and drinks so typical snack/light lunch food. There is free wifi you just need to ask for the code and there are newspapers to read while your waiting. The soup I had was very nice.
The next place I have been to is the eatery on the third floor of fenwicks. It offers nice views over the city and free hot drink if you buy a cake but only a cake no pastries or scones etc included. There is carloccios on the first and second floors.
The third place was St pauls church hall which offers lunch on Wednesday. For £2.50 you get soup, roll and butter, water and afterwards you can have tea/coffee and cakes. I had leek and potato then some tomato and lentil. I had a choc covered rice crispy cake, a small slice of Victoria sponge and a mini cheesecake. I had a nice chat to some of the pastors there and looked at the church which was quite pretty. I got some more advice about where to go during the week as well.
The place I go to most often is city space which is run by the samaritans with help from some people from St Andrews church. I get tea/coffee and biscuits along with the opportunity to chat. Sometimes there is free wifi but it doesn’t get good phone reception. There are books/dvd to borrow as well as lots of craft materials if you feel that way inclined. Different people turn on different days and they even do dinner on Monday night if you stay until 7pm. The hours are 1-5pm Monday, Thursday – saturday.
I have been to tiny tim’s tea room and while it’s a bit pricey with slow service as it’s under staffed, you get nice food and drink. I think you can get discount if you have the my Canterbury app and show them at the till.
North gate cafe is a place that changes ownership a lot so when I went it wasn’t that good and I found it too sweet, it may be better.
The waitrose cafe is a place I have been to many times but now you have to buy something if you want to go there. You can use there wifi and read the newspapers though. You can however still get a free drink out of the self service machine.
I’ve been to the m and s cafe/kitchen in town and they have nice food and drink as you would expect.
I have been to the Starbucks at the cathedral although it’s no longer there, at sainsbury, at the hospital even though that’s only half of one and I have to Costa Coffee on the high St and café Nero.