Aspergers and christianity

A lot of the people I know that have aspergers are also Christian.  To me until recently this seems rather odd as bring logical does not sit well with belief in a higher power that could not be proven by science. As Eddie redmayne says in the theory of everything the belief is incompatible with scientific knowledge. This was before I disregarded the god part and looked at what christianity stands for, love, honesty, forgiveness, acceptance no matter who you are, a sense of community and helping those in need whether they be rich,  poor, sick, healthy etc. I like having someone to talk to and I can contribute my time to help out where necessary. There are also refreshments and I bring in donations when I have them too. It’s nice to feel welcomed even if I’m not going to go to the church services as I don’t believe and I’m not about to start being a hypocrite. Although this very act may sound hypocritical, if you haven’t found work and don’t have children you need to find something to do with yourself and no other group will help you out. There is only so much time you can spend on your own with technology or doing house work. Most activities are quite expensive and if you yourself don’t have a lot of income, this is really your only option if you don’t have family near by and you struggle to make friends easily. I’m not very sporty and neither of us drive so that has always limited my options. Loneliness has been a constant bug bear for me so I’m grateful I have found people that I can socialise with. Yes there mainly older people as they have the time but it’s always been that way and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

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