Now initially you may think oh no not another robot cop movie or you may even be thinking of Johnny 5. While this is a movie about a robot who is a cop it’s a lot more than either of the 2 previous movies. It’s humane, funny, geeky and with plenty of action. It explores what it means to be human, why we make the choices we do and end up in the situations that are the result of those actions. It examines vulnerability and how we cope with the corporate world and what happens when despite our best efforts we can’t make ends meet. This is not a celebral or heavy movie but it makes us look at ourselves in a new light. Greed and the need for control does not motivate everybody. We all have our moral fibre and when we’re young it’s very easy to see black from white but as we get older it becomes many shades of grey. (Just not 50). This movie reminded me of myself and my struggle to operate correctly in a world where the rules are not innate and instead have to be learned. If your not careful you could get abused or taken advantage of. Also the molding of your own identity/copying to become like those around  you and to fit in and belong somewhere. I like the story of the black sheep as I am one and there is a nice treatment of mortality without getting too religious. It’s a movies for guys and girls although it’s not sugar coated, it’s real. It’s the movie black hat could have been as both feature programming.

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