Life is about emotion and feeling. Sometimes we have too much and others we have just been cleansed of feelings and emotions. As a woman you have an abundance of these and was just thinking this morning that I was happy that my hormones had sorted themselves out and then I find out about terry pratchett and I’m at once sad and compelled to write after reading a bit about him. I love how he combines all the different facets of life how it used to be and how it now is. It’s maybe for the best that discworld didn’t get too modern as where would the beauty be in that. Real life has its trolls, vampires, werewolves etc but there just not as obvious as in the books. The tv shows never seemed to match up to the books as imagination is often quite different to reality and there almost setting in stone a depiction that can’t match up to your own. This is the brilliance of the discworld, it’s based in reality but each person has there own thoughts, feelings and view on it. They all can be right too. So we all should live life to the full as terry would have wanted for death is coming for us all its just when he gets here we will not know.

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