I have wanted to do this for quite a while and have finally got around to it. The original reason for this was a present for my nan and while I knew her sister had already done it,  I didn’t know to what depth, how long ago it was and whether it had survived her death. I now know there is no point and since I know that my brother bought her the history of her surname about 5 years ago l’m a bit stumped having already done the flowers, chocolates, food, bric a brac, clothes and photographs before. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and have since found out that my second cousin has also researched the family. Unfortunately I don’t know either.
I’m still continuing with it as it’s quite interesting and it helps me to make sense of the many stories that my nan has told me over the years.
Genealogy can be quite confusing if there are lots of people in the same area with similar names and your not quite sure if you have the right one. Mistakes in writing make it more difficult as well as people moving or people dying and your record trail dies. Not finding them is only made worse by not being able to access them without a subscription. When you get to a 100 years it gets easier as there is the census results, marriage, birth and death records, occasionally baptism or banns notices or even war records. It’s just filling that gap especially if you have a big and/or far flung family.

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