Thinking in pictures

It’s not only temple Grandin who does this. I do this too although my version relates to movies, tv shows and pretty much anything else I see. I’m very observant far more than the average person although this does not extend so much to social obligations etc. So many things go on in my brain that it’s difficult to make sense of them all so I try to use media references as a mental shortcut like clichés but this frequently doesn’t work as the person in question is unlikely to have seen the relevant program. I also try to be honest and truthful where ever possible but this frequently backfires since people are so used to spin. It actually hurts to hear the truth as it’s untactful. So my conversations tend to be short monologues where I reveal too much and offend or I don’t talk and it’s just too socially awkward so I leave as im just too anxious to continue. Either way this ends up with few friends and I know very little about them due to my inability to participate in reciprocal conversation.

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