More interesting things about the Greek language.

There are 3 o’s yet the lower case sigma is actually an s in the middle of the word with another letter actually being s at the end of the word. Face is a very interesting word as it starts pr then has the 3 o’s in it then p and o. At least I think it does. Prosomo I believe the word is hence prosthetics etc.
Today I learnt what makes the f sound in words but I haven’t figured out how to use the Greek keyboard I downloaded yet. It’s essential in words like adelefia, adelfos and adelfi. Which are siblings, brother and sister. I already know that pi is p and rho is r which is helping in spelling too. Along with the fact that lambda is l. I’m still getting there with v being n and what looks to be an n but is an i. There fact there is no j in Greek means that June, July and January are spelt iou and pronounced like there counterparts in French. The fact that there is no b, it a v sound instead, makes it interesting when you want to spell February etc.
Some words make sense like kakos meaning bad but then you come across words like pig gourouni and pork choipino which I cannot say what so ever. Pork I’m working on at its an x but the g sound is gutteral so i struggle.
Alpha, is pretty easy an a, beta is fine when you realise it’s actually vita even though the symbol is b, gamma I can deal with as it’s g, delta, fine as it’s d, however its sound is th which just needs to be remembered, epsilon is a bit tricky as I never know which e is the right one, zeta which is z, eta, which is h takes a bit of work, theta is the th sound which is an odd concept that a sound is also a letter, iota is i but we tend to use it as a word, kappa is k and again a word for us, lambda is l but the symbol is an upside y, mu is m, ni is n, xi ch sound like helona (turtle) , omicron is o so pretty straight forward, pi p which we all know from maths, rho r which can be quite confusing as it looks like a p and I quite frequently forget, sigma s which mathematicians know as sum but looks a handwritten o and is also the name of a band, tau t and it’s a lazy persons t, ypsilon y and looks like it, which needs more work on it as I’m getting y and g mixed up in spelling, phi another sound ph just starting and looks really weird, chi ch same here, psi is x or ps (psari) fish or (psomi) bread which is very strange and the symbol even more so, omega which looks like a curvy w, is another one of the o’s, so 24 letters in all but without a j or c as they use k instead and with sounds included as well as letters. A lot of duplication too with all the e’s, o’s etc.

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