Aspergers and dating

Now you may think this a strange topic for a girl that has been married for 2 years but I thought it would be an interesting thing to talk about.
Growing up I was not very interested in men what so ever. I had a best friend in year 2 Christopher nicesto (incorrect spelling as he was polish) but apart from that I don’t remember being the slightest bit interested until year 5 or 6. I remember one time we went on a trip and in the scenario the teacher had me pretend my crush ws my partner. It ws so embarrassing. Then I went to secondary school and got a new one. I occasionally see updates from them on fb and they know who they are but I’m not quite sure they would like to be named. It is why I like guys called David though. Next I’m abroad at school and after an accident I really start to get interested. Thankyou Alexis and regan. Also a bit of a dalliance with hispanics (your responsible for a lot ricky martin!) college thanks alex. I also met my now husband sam. It interesting that on the day I met him I totally didn’t want to be there but there was nothing better to do so I did my best as an undiagnosed autistic to be social. I knew most of the people there so concentrated on the 2 I didn’t as I like novelty and get bored easily. The first conversation is generally the best so I walk up to his brother and I can smell smoke and at this point in my life I detested anyone who smoked and in true autistic style that only I can manage, declare “eww your digusting, you smoke!” This was actually in his wedding speech as the best man. Then I spend the next 6 hours forgetting about the world talking to sam. People ask if we want to get involved in what there doing and we’re not interested. It’s not of course smooth sailing as we live in different place and it takes about 2 years before we are properly together but we take each day as it comes. It’s not easy when you have a dyslexic and autistic but we manage through the difficult times with the support of friends, family and of course the Internet! It’s not just for porn;)

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