Aspergers and alcohol

Now I know this is a very controversial topic as some don’t drink at all because of medication, they don’t like the taste, the loss of self control … Now I do as its what everybody else does and it makes me relax and feel less inhibited but you have to make sure your not drinking for a point of escapism from real life as then you turn into an alcoholic which is a really bad thing to do. I do deal with crushing social anxiety at times believe it or not based on how I act when I’m happy. I use alcohol to be able to talk to people that I don’t know and to be social as I know thats what you have to do plus its a very boring night out if you don’t. Its not the best thing in the world but when your hemmed in by all the social rules and obligations your constantly thinking should I say this or do that and you end up saying nothing or everything. This is not what people want and the amount of times I have been accused of TMI (too much information) is amazing. I can’t understand why people don’t talk about what they really want to because there thinking it. There just observing the social niceties or not being truthful to themselves as the world punishes vulnerabilities of any kind. I am a very open, honest person, too much in fact which is why I tend not to have many friends. I’m loyal, kind and caring but because I’m different in that I don’t sugar coat, most people can’t handle me. I like real connections but you have to be careful that people don’t advantage of your better nature as they tend to be rather devious. This is not so much a problem abroad I have found but in the UK its a daily issue.

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