Daily life with aspergers

When you have aspergers you need to occupy your mind otherwise it will go down the rabbit hole and that is a very scary place. When there is no structure in place your free to float about it can be quite difficult to motivate yourself to do anything but you must otherwise depression will set in. Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and your mind because too much inward thinking will make your mind explode with anxiety both imagined and real. The need for others is sometimes there and sometimes not. There good for distracting you from whatever terrors your mind has dreamt from too much time alone. It does however need to be modulated depending on how social your currently feeling. If your in need to stimulation go to libraries, art galleries, museums, places where people congregate but you don’t necessarily need to talk to them if you don’t want. If you want to be alone go to a park for a long walk and revel in nature. Weather I find is also a big influence on my mood. The better it is, the better I feel. Same goes for whether I have money or not. There is lot to be said about the contrast between requiring a routine but also requiring the stimulus of novelty. This 2 completely different ideas need to be present at different times to prevent boredom from setting in. It may be a good girly chat, an intellectual discussion, a night out or purely attention that you don’t normally receive that will make you feel better. We all have low points and high points, it’s just learning how to smooth out the peaks and troughs so that were on an even keel.

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