Philosophical thoughts on life

Some interesting thoughts have just strolled into my head while reading the abstract of adultery by Paulo Coehlo on amazon. Human beings need to be stimulated both physically and mentally otherwise they get wanderlust and start looking elsewhere. Routine is ok up to a point. Happiness is a drug that needs to be topped up with novelty and new events otherwise it diminishes. This is why in the Matrix although we would all like to live in a perfect world we wouldn’t be satisfied by it. We need to work otherwise we crumble as evidenced by the Island movie as well. Its people that are busy, have ambition and constant drive that achieve the most. If on the other hand you’re a dreamer like me who comes up with lots of ideas, thoughts and feelings but nothing concrete, it becomes a lot more difficult especially as today your self worth is described by your employment status. This is another thing I have issues with as I seem to lack identity in the normal sense, I just have what I create for myself. A wife, a lover, a friend and you could say an aunt or cousin although I don’t see my family much for one reason or another.

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