Song lyrics sometimes say what you cannot

I have various things going through my mind at any one time. Currently it’s Ellie Goulding – I Need your Love. She is a really talented girl that I have actually met so I think that is super cool. I also like Burn, Explosions and Anything Can Happen as it makes me think of spontaneity which is certainly the watch word when your bro in law comes to town. Taylor Swift’s Blank Cheque is another and I have been encouraged to be more like him this year but you can only go so far as I’m married unlike himself. Other things that have been circling are Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams as I do like my sleep. Everybody loves this song and it has been done so many times by Soft Cell, Marilyn Manson etc. I also like dance tunes as there good for making you happy and I really like dancing. It feels like freedom and an escape from the world if only for a little while.  I don’t need alcohol there although it is usually present. I like eurovision songs too like Heroes the winning song of this year as too often I am dancing with Demons In My Head. I guess that’s a penalty of being highly intelligent, anxious and having Aspergers Syndrome. The Serbian song Beauty Never Lies affected me quite a lot as it’s about being different which I certainly am. The Israeli song Golden Boy is quite catchy and I really like the Belgium entry Rythm Inside too. The Moldovan one called I Want Your Love is also brilliant. Last year’s winner was also wonderful Conchita and Rise like a Phoenix. My favourite past Eurovision song is Fairytale by Alexander Rybak.

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