The transition to adulthood

There are lots of things in life that you just have to learn by doing like riding a bike or swimming and then there are the things you can be taught like maths and languages. What you can’t learn is emotions, thoughts and feelings. They just happen, it’s like falling in love, totally unexpected and it happens when your not looking for it. They can be brilliant or very bad but we have to accept them for what they are. Learning to love ourselves for who we are can take a long time. We quite frequently deny our very being in pursuit of money as we think that will make us happy. It will not, being true to ourselves will. We need to nourish our friendships, relationships and experience all that we are. There is no point in denying ourselves what we want as it will only make us sad. Only problem comes when we examine what it is we want and why we want it. If it is to impress somebody else then that is not a good enough reason. Love is the best feeling in the world and if your like me it was the happiest day of your life where you were so happy you cried. However the years pass and you forget until something makes you remember why you started down that road in the first place. As Trinity said to Neo you know where that road goes. So keep loving your partners and change with them as you change. Sometimes friends, books, the net helps, other times its a holiday. Whatever it takes you need to restrengthen those bonds. You believed you could take on the world together before so rediscover and continue.

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