Sometimes in your life you need to disconnect yourself from the screens be they television, telephone, tablet or computer and just talk about life the universe and everything. Food, drink, sunny weather even card games help you to open up and regain your humanity as we’re always humans doing or going not being as the Simpson joke goes. It’s healthy for relationships to just focus on why your with them, that’s why holidays are so good but they are not reality. Breaks at weekends allows issues to be aired and resolved because otherwise tensions will rise leading to anger and that could be very messy. Human relationships are strange especially monogamous ones as some would say there against our nature. There not easy to maintain but having these little recharge points makes it all worthwhile. Communication is the key but finding the right time and having opportunities are quite difficult at times. Too much time together is as bad as not enough time. You need shared as well as individual interests so that you have things to talk about. You need a rich social and work life to feel fulfilled. However committing to too much is bad as too little it’s all about modulation which is easier said than done especially if you work in a seasonal industry or have more than one job. Nourishing our emotional, romantic sides is a very important aspect that we all too frequently neglect. If your spiritual/religious you may even call it looking after your soul. Life is fleeting so we need to grab it with both hands and may a little less corporate and more spontaneous. You won’t regret the experiences or the money spent but you will regret it if you don’t do it. So live a little and stop waiting for this, that and the other.

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