Dancing and sensuality

We are animals at the end of the day so we have a primitive side that contains raw passion, lust and desire. We express this in many ways but the most socially acceptable has to be dance. Over the years the forms it has taken has evolved with each generation decrying the loosening of moral values over the increasingly explicit nature that the moves of the current dance craze contains. There was an interesting episode of Glee all about this when everyone was up in arms about Miley Cyprus twerking. Spanish dances are passionate as are Brazilian and black Caribbean dances are raunchy. Let’s not forget Moulin Rouge though. When it comes to Britain we are a civilised bunch that invented the tea dance and it was arousing to see a lady’s ankles. You see a lot more walking round today. However you can go over the top and I remember reading a Brave New World and the main character falls in love so is reading about Shakespeare etc and she is from a place where sex is just a form of exercise to be encouraged  on a daily basis and all their clothes had zips on to encourage this. It wasn’t special so he was rather disheartened by the whole culture clash. So we have to be careful that although women no longer need escorts to meet guys there not related to, that we treat people with respect as sex is a gift that is needed for happiness but it’s not a right that you must have sex with everybody just because you can.

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