Aspergers and empathy

Now a lot of people think that people with Aspergers lack empathy and that’s simply not true. They probably don’t express it in the same way as everybody else but its there and its probably there in greater spoonfuls than you can imagine. It can consume their whole being so that they slow down to a snails pace as its taking so much of their thinking space and time. They feel it far more intensely then any other human being will. So be patient and let us process what we are dealing with. Eventually we will come out of our shell. Sometimes you can help by talking and others times just let us be with our thoughts. Being withdrawn allows us to focus all our energy on the task at hand which could and probably is multifaceted since we will look at it from all angles and consider all possibilities no matter how ludicrous or far fetched they may seem to you. Emotions are not logical and take a long time to think about so we need to delve into ourselves to examine what they are making us think about and remember. These maybe painful memories that were buried long along but an awakening with most likely happen and then we will be able to move on. Don’t rush or hurry us.

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