Aspergers and language learning

Now on the face of it you would think that the two go together really well because really good memory, desire to learn, curiosity, appreciation of culture, history, word association and lots of time to devote to it plus the ability to search out all the resources that are free through the internet, print, audio etc. We might even devote sufficient time to write a book about acquiring these resources as languages are built upon other languages and if were really interested and go to a place frequently we can understand the need for permanent copies. The tricky thing is interacting with people and checking that what we have learned it correct. If your pronunciation is anything like mine its atrocious and I can’t even be understood in my own language let alone any other. This creates issues as how are you ever going to progress if all your doing is learning a language much like you did in school that consists of memorisation of words but no way of actually conversing with any one? How does one get over the innate shyness that is present with Aspergers and prevent yourself from becoming a laughing stock as you accidently said something extremely rude etc? This could be a common occurrence as there are words called false friends as they sound very similar but are completely different in meaning. Well I don’t know how to overcome this because while the safe subject to talk about after you have introduced yourself is the weather in the UK this doesn’t follow for most of the rest of the world. So do you talk about sports, politics, religion, current affairs? I tend to not really say anything which is really hampering my language development. I can order food, drink and ask base questions like what is your name, what time is it, where is ? but beyond that I’m a bit lost. My degree of comprehension varies depending on the language and I can read/understand a fair bit but talking forget about it. I’m just too shy which is very weird if you have ever heard me talk. I tend to be a bit extreme in details at times because the filtering process isn’t really there. Perhaps I should apply that approach to my own language lol. I guess it comes down to getting an interest in people’s lives so that I sufficiently relate to what there dealing with which is a difficulty in Aspergers becoming involved in the minutiae of daily social lives.

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