I have just been taught a lesson in appreciating what you currently have and that even if like Barry Allen you have the chance to go back in time and change what went wrong you shouldn’t because as his dad says things happen for a reason. We may not understand it then, now or even ever but that is the way things must be. Lots of people have wished that they could bring back loved ones, get the one that got away or whatever else was there most heartfelt desire. However, these decisions are what shape our lives, they are how we become what we are. If we went back in time and erased what happened we would also lose all that growth and the lessons would be wasted as time has a habit of repeating itself and you will just be allowing the past to happen all over again but in a different form that may not be so easy to recognise. The past, no matter how painful, must remain the past even if you are capable of building a time machine like Cisco Ramon. Things will be alright in the end and if things are not then it is not the end as was also mentioned in the Flash. Life is cruel as it takes away those that we wish to spend eternity with but that would take away any incentive to really value the short time that we do have with those that we care for so do the things that show how much you love those closest to you and forget about negativity as it doesn’t do anybody any favours least of all yourself.

Lessons in life are given to us to improve ourselves and if we don’t learn it the first time psychology tells us it will appear later on but in a more devastating form. Television is useful to help us understand the deeper questions in life by presenting it to us in a simpler more rational form that is easier to digest. Glee was always helpful in this respect too. That has now finished its course but there will be more Flash in about a month Yes!

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