There has been a great outpouring of disgust, anger and grief over the terrorists attacks in Paris,  France.  There have also been reports of trouble in Beirut, a hurricane in Mexico,  a earthquake in japan, riots in Athens, unrest due to post elections issues in Burundi, killings in Kenya and the list goes on. Why some of these spark international outrage and others are swept under the carpet I don’t know. I don’t see why I should one and not the others though. They all include massive loss of life and equally need our help without natural or man made. I have been in quite a lot of pain today to the point I couldn’t really function as a human being and barely talked to people I see quite regularly. This is because I feel things so deeply and I know that there is nothing worthwhile that I can actually do to help. It makes me feel so helpless that the world does this to itself on a regular basis and has done since the dawn of time. I don’t see how human nature is ever going to change. It makes me despair for the future of human kind. According to Russell Brand isis is said to value death over life. So be it but don’t  involve the rest of the world in your sect. Kill yourselves and then job done. We don’t want your kind polluting the impressionable young people of today to continue your hateful legacy.

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