Greek words – diasters

To deal with the pain, anguish and torment from all of the recent atrocities that have been happening in the world I find it helpful to write about them to get the feelings of my chest and out of my head where they dwell for far too long and cause too much suffering. I don’t like being this emotional and its not usual for me to get so bogged down with grief but I’m just currently overloaded and I’ve already had a shutdown at the weekend. I don’t want it to continue so I need a distraction hence I’m going to refresh some words on memrise which I haven’t done for a while bad me.

Natural disasters/weather

Storm καταιγίδα katayida, hurricane τυφώνας twophonus, tornado ανεμοστρόβιλος avecstrobulus, flood πλυμμήρα plummera , fire fotia, earthquake, lightening asterpee?, thunder, drought, heatwave


I’ve cut myself κόπηκα kophka, I’ve burnt myself κάηκα kahka, help βοήθεια vontheia, stop thief stomata klefte?! 

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