Greek verbs

Since I got fed up of simply learning vocabulary and not having any glue to stick it altogether, I decided to learn some verbs and its actually sticking this time I hope. So Memrise is teaching me in about 7 different courses how to say I write yrapho which is where we get graffiti from, I drink pino which sounds like every wino’s dream pino, I eat troo which is a trough which pigs eat at, I work doulei which makes me think of dooleys toffee vodka, I do kano which actually sounds like you have a can do attitude, I speak milao which sounds like your meowing like a cat, I buy agorazo which sounds like the word for market where you used to buy your goods from, I want thelo which is is quite easy to remember if you think that (o)thelo wants his wife Desdemona, I call which is a good thing to do to your friends frequently to keep in touch with them, I change allowazo? is like allow because you are allowing the change to happen, I give thinoI have exo, I start, I finish, I open, I close, i shout fonazo, i need kriazomai, i shop pzimo ?, a lot of words beginning with a (in greek not necessarily in english. Strange thing is halycon, haemophilia, heresy, and artichoke, rose water, urchin are unusual words to learn considering that there not used that much in either language. At least spelling is quite easy in Greek but how on earth people remember which o or which e to use I don’t currently know. I guess there are rules like i before e except after c but hopefully there more useful as that one is broken more times than it is true.

These are not always correct but this is just me documenting my learning progress.

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