My current autistic special interest

Yes Aspergers and obsessions/special interests go hand in hand. I’m not sure if you can have it without. It does cause a lot of problems like when I decide to stalk people and must find out everything about them but it can also be very useful as I stick at things that I really like regardless of issues ie currently learning Greek.

I have been reading about Cal Newport who wrote about using fixed scheduling to deal with what is important in a world where your demands are ever increasing and it helps to deal with distractions. I do need help prioritising as I am prone to follow my interests wherever they lead which does not lead to me leading a productive life just learning more and more fact which don’t have an immediate use. He also wrote about using deep thought and concentration to maximise your efficiency. Having Aspergers means you can be single minded and determined to pursue your goal irregardless of what is going on around you but the issue is if that pursuit is procrastination it is not to yours or anyone’s benefit. I aspire to have the 4 hour work week as written about by Tim Ferris in his book as would I expect most people in the world but you do need to be able to be extremely focused and eschew normal working conditions. Telecommunications means we are no longer stuck in an office and can work wherever we want as long as we have internet.

I like to think that I have innovative thought processes, I know there pretty unusual and original but there not always appreciated. I am a visual person that thinks in a creative manner but words are not always my friends. In fact talking is a thing I like to do only in a good mood and with people I know. Jane Arnold has written about visualisation to help learning a language and has said how this is neglected too much in school and it has a negative effect on the minds of children. I believe this is why autistic children sometimes struggle in school. They need a different approach to be successful. Memorization is not learning which is why I was brilliant in school but when it came to expressing an opinion all I could do is repeat parrot fashion what I had learnt without any understanding.

Another person who is involved in this new wave of thinking is Ed Cooke who is a memory champion and owns Memrise which is what I use to help learn Greek and maybe other languages later. I like the mnemonics feature as pictures are my friends and it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words and they can be interpreted in many ways but here in lies the problem. What if you forget the way you were thinking when you made the link and can’t forget the association leading you to remember something that is incorrect and possibly injurious to yourself?

The person that has inspired me to write this particular blog article is my online friend that I met on Memrise Angelos Georgakis who writes books about study skills, How to take good notes, language learning How to learn any language not in 7 days and basically embracing your individuality to live a better life that is more in tune with your own personality The art of persuasion for your mutual benefit. I like the fact he has the cojones to embrace all that life has to offer saying no to money (he used to be an investment banker) and yes to a more harmonious life (he also teaches music).

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