This can come in many forms and form many sources. I have admired the fact that Martin Lewis made a thriving business out of a newsletter that he used to send to friends and family assisting them with the financial details of life, that Daniel Tammet made a life for himself out of his vast talent for memorising numbers and learning languages and that Jack Monroe was lifted out of extreme poverty with the her resourcefulness in the kitchen. Sometime necessarily is the mother of invention as it was proved to be in her case.

I have always known that the traditional way of working and earning money was not for me as it has always struck me as the most boring thing to do in the world as I would see everybody struggle on a daily basis at jobs that they hated but they knew they had to continue as they had mouths to feed, bills to pay and it sucked the life and soul of them like if dementors actually existed.

I have always tried to do things differently a) because I usually didn’t understand the way it was done in the first place, b) the normal way of doing things was fine originally but no longer, c) it seemed illogical to me to continue when there are better ways to do things, d) just because it was always done that way does not mean it will always have to be done that way as that stifles creativity, innovation and imagination.

John Berger Ways of Seeing is a book that helps you to criticise art and is recommended on art history courses but I’m afraid that didn’t actually make a great deal of sense to me. Some books that are well applauded like the classics are really difficult to read as the text doesn’t seem to flow many because they used to write in a very archaic and formal manner or perhaps because the subject matter they were dealing with was rather heavy. Of course there is always a counterpoint having read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and I thought that was about as relevant today as it ever was.

This is why I have decided to try to write more frequently on this blog as that attracts a more regular audience and I believe that I have something to say to the world even if the world may not want to accept it as facts. If I’m lucky I will eventually garner some money from this but I doubt that will happen for a while if at all.

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