Aspergers and Body rhythms

This morning I woke up full of beans and raring to go which is unusual for me as I don’t usually talk until I’ve drunk my tea yet today I was able to have full conversations at the breakfast table. I did however skip breakfast as I didn’t feel hungry which is quite normal for me but not waiting 3.5 hours after doing a lot of exercise. (Hoovering is quite energetic). After lots of sorting, organising, cleaning and general housework I finally sat down to check to check my emails but got very frustrated because my computer and the Internet seemed to have become incredibly slow all of a sudden. I then needed to eat again as brain work is hard work. Add to this a builder and a business meeting and you have a full house. This took its toll on me after I tried to phone my parents to be interupted by an unexpected satellite /tech man who I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t really know how to deal with him as I didn’t know what he was there to fix. So after I passed the buck and phoned my parents I fell asleep which very rarely happens even abroad where they sleep mid afternoon each day. It didn’t get much better as we were awaiting a visitor but had no idea when they were going to turn up or when my Bro would be back from work so we could celebrate his birthday. I don’t like uncertainty or strange people in the house even though he was a very efficient and knowledgeable man. The tiredness continued for the rest of the day. I did perk up a bit but my usual rhythms have been completely thrown out of wack for the past 2 days and I bet it’s going to get worse. At times like this my Aspergers flares up and I don’t even need alcohol to go off on one, to be moody, sullen or just passive and uncommunicative. If I’m dealing with a lot going on I retreat and it’s noticeable as my demeanour alters drastically. Sometimes I have days when I can’t muster the energy to be a fully functioning person but I need to interact so it’s difficult to obtain a balance between needing to recharge on my own and maintaining social functions so that I’m not oestrized from the community around me.

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