Words, thoughts and philosophy

It is amazing reading a book I got my bro in law for Christmas (1001 ideas that changed the world) as it demonstrates to me that human nature doesn’t really change. Yes technology improves but ideas don’t generally hence we still use the Greek verb idea which means to see, to show concepts and thought processes. Ideas are constantly being generated but most of the big ones have already happened. There refined to suit that particular era but the nub was conceived eons ago.

I like the fact that philosophy is a Greek word meaning a love of wisdom and therefore people that debate philosophy are highly intelligent and persuing self actualisation which is the highest plane in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I also like the fact that what I under went in the past year in regards to analysing all my thoughts and everything else can be attributed to a single Greek word – metanoia. For those that do not know this word even though its common on some Pinterest boards, it means the change of mind that over comes someone after they have become extremely introverted in order to examine there mind or intellect i.e. a mid life crisis as it has now become hence you can have them at any age not just as the kids are leaving home.

I can also see where some of the inspiration for Nietzsche’s famous nihilism comes from. If you debate the big questions of life on a regular basis you are going to feel unfulfilled with the world around you and therefore develop world views according to that kind of intellectualism. So a reminder from the ivory towers that while we are fleeting players on earth and in the grand scheme of things may not contribute anything of consequence, we need to involve ourselves with our families so that we do make a difference to them.

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