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I have now published My ebook on and its available on other platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble nook, Apple and Kobo along with a mention on my Wattpad profile too.

I think my book will be very useful in reforming education especially relating to autistic people who need there own special approach to make sure that their talents are utilised by themselves to the best of their abilities. I believe it will also benefit those that deal with them on a frequent basis. I of course think this because I’m biased since I wrote it therefore I think its good but its the crystallization of my thoughts over about the past 5 years.

I thought to get you interested I would show you the Introduction.

It is well known that autistic children even adults need a different approach to learning to the rest of the neurotypical (NT) i.e. ‘normal’ population as there is a lot autistic children already know and understand but of course they have their own difficulties. I remember reading a school report about myself about 6 years old and it mentioned that I had some difficulties with learning maths but after I had received assistance from my father I was now much better. I can’t recall what exactly he did but it obviously benefited me greatly. Sometimes we need that extra help and tuition to help us grasp a particular concept before we can move on to the next task. In traditional schools they are quite in flexible in the dogma that is applied so that children that need extra support do not receive and therefore fall behind unnecessarily.

Autistic children need structure and a schedule as this helps them make sense of an extremely confusing and chaotic world. If they can have their own little piece of calm then they will be reassured and will perform significantly better with reduced anxiety which will mean smiles all round. It is for this end that I am writing this book with an aim to help autistic children, parents, families and anybody that needs to come into contact with them.

Structures also require planning and autistic children can be extremely stubborn and trying in the fact that things must be done there way so anything can turn into a battle of wills but you don’t need to give in to their every whim as they do need to accept some rules of society. As your child matures the timetables can be more flexible as they will understand the reasons for things better.

Time management is another critical factor here and if there anything like me there time keeping will be terrible. This is not to say that there isn’t perfectly punctual autistics out there, it’s just I have found more often than not this is an area we struggle with hugely due to the fact that we generally have very little concept of time. We are strong willed, obsessional and curious creatures that are fascinated by a lot of things that the average person will just ignore as they don’t appreciate the beauty in the simple things of life.

To get the most out of your autistic child you will need to play to their strengths which may be the stereotypical maths, trains, science fiction etc. or it may be caring for others, the arts or even looking after plants and animals. The range of interests that an autistic can devote themselves to is as broad as the universe is vast. So learn their specific interests, indulge them in it but also be aware that these can change over the years in their intensity but also in their content. They can even abandon them and take up completely new ones just like everybody else. An autistic can do anything and everything a ‘normal’ person can do. The only limits are those that society imposes on them limiting their creative expression and freedom.


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    What a great post. Congrats on your book!


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