Today I decided that I would like to write books for a living and for them to be about autism. I really like to research things and to go into a great amount of depth with them and to inform others of my findings. I like to educate and teach others about what I have found out about the world. My grandma always said I should be a teacher and I believe that this is a good thing for me to be just through the medium of the internet and print. I already have a ebook out and will possibly be joined by the same book in print as I have been asked for this. I like reading about psychology and neuroscience as its helping me understand myself better as that is a very complex thing to do and in doing so I can disseminate that knowledge to the wider world to increase autism awareness, acceptance and the belief that neurodiversity is a good thing and should be encouraged and celebrated. Hopefully this will be a longer lasting idea than when I decided I wanted to be a journalist although this is still kind of that and when I wanted to be a travel journalist as I have the curiosity of a child when it comes to discovering new places. Another step on the journey towards this goal was writing a blog about beer which is still a journalistic endeavour and when I  wrote a book first a children’s story about how to deal with unexpected death but that made me too sad to revisit after the funeral and then I started about how to learn Greek but I have to complete my language learning before I can do that plus my mate Angelos writes that style of book far better than I could.

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