Love, romance and poetry but from a geek

Love, romance and poems harness our creative side as it is then that we can be true to ourselves and use flowery adjectives to describe our innermost thoughts and feelings. Those emotions which give us strength in times of darkness and allow us to continue on when we are not 100%.
Love conquers all as the night is dark and full of terrors but with the right partner you stand against whatever you may come across and defeat it soundly in battle.
Marriage may start as a bed of roses but it is up to the pair of you to continue  with that connection to ensure it lasts through thick and thin until the end and beyond if there is such a thing as the afterlife.
We must always rage against the dying of the light but remember that things are not always as they are told to us. Dolce et decorum est pro patria mori. The cynics would have you believe that is always going to be the case but passion prevents us from this so we can look upon the tiger and see its face face framed in fearful symmetry. So look at danger, don’t be afraid and do what makes you happy and you grow as a result. Escaping your comfort zone is the best thing you will ever do.


The sound of a language

Now l like to listen to foreign language songs and I’m not adverse to posting these to FB even though most people including myself haven’t a clue what there really about. There good for learning a language in context and you get the prounciation as well as the usage. Some of the most beautiful songs are those that when you listen, you hear the rhythm, the emotion and the passion of the singer. A good song embodies all these qualities. The fact its mysterious adds to this as there are very few songs in English that have the same intensity of feeling because we are not emotive but also because I will understand all the words and there meanings.
I also approach language learning a bit like most people will do crosswords. There interesting and informative but you can never quite master them as there is always a bit more to learn since languages change so they keep you on your toes and your mind sharp.
I think its interesting that animals respond to the tone and volume of your voice, not the words just like children so we all have the capacity to learn languages but we stop when we get older as with so much going on something has to give and its usually our investment in ourselves which is sad. When we are inebriated we tend to return to this state which goes some way to explain the popularity of alcohol but its better if we can maintain this calmness while being sober as that makes us better, more rounded people. Enjoy the rhythm that is life, don’t force things and be happy in yourself which is what Mediterranean and latin American people are good at as its the whole ethos of their culture. However the UK and America evolved completely differently maybe because of unfavourable climatic conditions as everyone is happier in the sun. I like the fact that summer in Greek roughly translates into good weather kalokairi.

Ways to improve your language comprehension

Sometimes when you have learnt all that you feel you can from a language learning app like Memrise you have to come up with new ways to keep yourself motivated so that you continue in your language learning journey otherwise you will come to a complete stop and that’s not a good idea.

So I decided to start watching foreign language movies and they have been quite useful in stimulating the auditory recognition process which previously had been lacking since I’m not immersed in the country of any of my target languages at the moment. It doesn’t matter if the language used is one your interested in or not as it all helps you to recognise different sounds and words leading to you hopefully being able to reproduce them later on more authentically.

So far this has been very beneficial as I find that words tend to be learnt by myself easier if I can hear them as well as seen them and if I’m able to read them even better as it’s all about immersion in a language world to be able to understand its beauty properly.

I have also been making language videos and uploading them to youtube for comments by native speakers so that I can get more confidence in speaking their language but also so that my speech and pronunciation which is notoriously poor can be improved.

Another thing is I have been constantly writing and researching about the best ways to accomplish this by studying the experts – polyglots. Linguists are another avenue that I have explored in my quest for language domination 😉

Finally, I have been learning about marketing my ebook all about educational psychology and improving my online presence so that I present a more refined platform to the outside world.


Autistics Share: Professionals Miss the Mark in Recognizing Autism in Women

Yet another autistic woman and the 60 others mentioned in this post share how they are misrepresented by the medical profession still believing that aspergers only occurs in men, Wake up its 2016! We present very differently almost to the point that its a separate condition male and female aspergers.

Everyday Aspie

I recently asked 60-plus readers from across the globe, who believe they are autistic/Aspie or have been diagnosed with autism/Aspergers, this question:

“What has a professional told you when you were seeking out an autism and/or Aspergers diagnosis?”

Here are their responses:

  1. The first psychologist diagnosed me with Bipolar-II after speaking with me for only ten minutes. He based his entire diagnosis on anxiety, depression, and the fact that one night, out of 365, I couldn’t sleep and had restless non-stop thoughts. He didn’t say I met most of the criteria for the condition, but recommended medication anyhow. It wasn’t until about twenty years later that I figured out, after my child’s diagnosis, that I was likely autistic.
  1. I was told: “You write exceptionally well…and have two diplomas, how can you have Autism?. It’s just depression.” It took me six months of begging to get my doctor to agree to…

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