Ways to improve your language comprehension

Sometimes when you have learnt all that you feel you can from a language learning app like Memrise you have to come up with new ways to keep yourself motivated so that you continue in your language learning journey otherwise you will come to a complete stop and that’s not a good idea.

So I decided to start watching foreign language movies and they have been quite useful in stimulating the auditory recognition process which previously had been lacking since I’m not immersed in the country of any of my target languages at the moment. It doesn’t matter if the language used is one your interested in or not as it all helps you to recognise different sounds and words leading to you hopefully being able to reproduce them later on more authentically.

So far this has been very beneficial as I find that words tend to be learnt by myself easier if I can hear them as well as seen them and if I’m able to read them even better as it’s all about immersion in a language world to be able to understand its beauty properly.

I have also been making language videos and uploading them to youtube for comments by native speakers so that I can get more confidence in speaking their language but also so that my speech and pronunciation which is notoriously poor can be improved.

Another thing is I have been constantly writing and researching about the best ways to accomplish this by studying the experts – polyglots. Linguists are another avenue that I have explored in my quest for language domination 😉

Finally, I have been learning about marketing my ebook all about educational psychology and improving my online presence so that I present a more refined platform to the outside world.


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  1. Cat says:

    I find immersion is such a strong tool while having fun at that~

    I haven’t reached the stage where I’ve done all I could on Memrise but it’s good to keep pushing and trying new things out so boredom doesn’t win (⌒▽⌒)

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    1. Ive only done as much as i can in greek as its not that popular.


      1. Cat says:

        Yeah, I’d really say one of the week points of Memrise is the decks are all made by people. They should make themselves standard decks for all the languages but still let students make their own too :/

        But Memrise shares that weakness with Anki, so it is what it is :c

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      2. I found the a1 spanish really difficult but the latam courses a lot better as its more logical.


      3. Cat says:

        I like the courses they have for Japanese. The JLPT ones are real good and have good structure (plus it’s easier to study 1k words at a time than 6-8k in one go (⌒_⌒;))

        I know Duolingo and Babylon have Spanish, maybe check those out to see if their content is better? I find Memrise has more obscure languages (though the content can be dodgy sometimes) and really wins the bucket for those~

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      4. Ive got greek spanish and Russian on the go so i think thats enough for the moment.


      5. Cat says:

        ooh, I couldn’t learn that many languages at the same time. I would end learning nothing because I’d want everything at the same time and end up just not doing anything xD

        Russian must be tough to speak OO

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