The sound of a language

Now l like to listen to foreign language songs and I’m not adverse to posting these to FB even though most people including myself haven’t a clue what there really about. There good for learning a language in context and you get the prounciation as well as the usage. Some of the most beautiful songs are those that when you listen, you hear the rhythm, the emotion and the passion of the singer. A good song embodies all these qualities. The fact its mysterious adds to this as there are very few songs in English that have the same intensity of feeling because we are not emotive but also because I will understand all the words and there meanings.
I also approach language learning a bit like most people will do crosswords. There interesting and informative but you can never quite master them as there is always a bit more to learn since languages change so they keep you on your toes and your mind sharp.
I think its interesting that animals respond to the tone and volume of your voice, not the words just like children so we all have the capacity to learn languages but we stop when we get older as with so much going on something has to give and its usually our investment in ourselves which is sad. When we are inebriated we tend to return to this state which goes some way to explain the popularity of alcohol but its better if we can maintain this calmness while being sober as that makes us better, more rounded people. Enjoy the rhythm that is life, don’t force things and be happy in yourself which is what Mediterranean and latin American people are good at as its the whole ethos of their culture. However the UK and America evolved completely differently maybe because of unfavourable climatic conditions as everyone is happier in the sun. I like the fact that summer in Greek roughly translates into good weather kalokairi.

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