Original reasons for the blog no longer apply

Below is what I put in the about section of my blog but this hasn’t applied for about the past year and I have seen that this distracts from the purpose that it now has. This was really brought home to me when Cal Newport actually checked out my blog after I posted on his website.

This information is still relevant but now as more of an archive post.

About me well I like to drink craft beer and quite a lot of it. The people at the bottle shop in Canterbury are very happy about this fact because they get the majority of the money but my liver and wallet are not so happy about this fact. I compensate by making my husband buy lots of them hehe and by spacing my drinks out, having soft drinks occasionally, eating, talking/writing about beer and not drinking the heavy stuff so much. Canterbury 40th beer festival anyone ūüėČ

The reason for starting this blog is that I thought there was a gap in the market for an blog about beer as all the newsletters are¬†American¬†based so not very helpful if you are in the¬†UK. Also I think having a¬†woman’s¬†perspective¬†on this will be quite interesting as women¬†don’t¬†generally drink beer¬†although¬†in the olden days they were the ones making the beer as it was just another of their household duties like baking the bread, cooking the food and looking after the children. We have¬†possibly¬†evolved from that time but with the advent of big business we have lots of mass produced, pretty much flavourless beer (think american lager). I think women should be back in charge. All power to the craft beer movement I say. Yes craft¬†beer is going to be slightly different with each batch which is sometimes good and sometimes bad but its all going to be a lot¬†healthier¬†for you and actually¬†taste¬†of something compared to the average¬†beer¬†that men drink that have any vestiges of flavour refined out of it long ago (Carlsberg, Fosters, Carling etc). A particular case in point here is that Budweiser is the second most popular beer in the US yet its one of the worst rated beer on¬†on-line¬†rating sites. This goes to show that there is just no¬†accounting¬†for taste and the¬†majority¬†of the male¬†American¬†population¬†haven’t¬†left their college days¬†despite¬†their increasing years.

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