This is a crucial aspect to language learning and I may have touched upon this in the past. This is why when you immerse yourself in a language its much easier to pick it up then if you are only reading it for example. This is why my Greek has come on leaps and bounds recently as well as writing lots of inane sentences online that I wouldn’t dream of writing in English due to their simplistic nature. Listening helps you pick up on the stresses in words and can help you detect where the person comes from as all regions have accents. Even no accent can possibly be classified. This however presents a problem if I want to learn other languages at the same time as I need to create immersion environments for them all but they might come into conflict and make my brain explode. I don’t fancy having that happen to me. So how do I work around this? Multi lingual people? A friend in each language? A place that speaks various languages as standard? As you can probably figure out I haven’t a clue how to resolve this as yet.

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