The problem of too much choice

This is a key word if you’re trying to take advantage of the multiple ways to do anything nowadays. Gone are the days when things could only be done the one preset way that tradition demanded that things always be done in that manner. Now the world is your oyster but this presents you with a completely different paradox. There are now so many ways to be explored and things that can be done that you become lost in the multitude of options that are now available to you and with the current preoccupation of not settling down and always getting your options open as you never know whats around the corner what do you do? Well to settle this conundrum once and for all you have to analyse all of the possibilities that are currently open to you. Ignore anything that may happen in the future for the time being as we are trying to cull the list now to something that is manageable so there needs to be a cut-off point. Afterwards, when you can see what you can do, you can start making some decisions as to what you would like to do and what you wouldn’t. Feasibility comes later after your preferences have been recorded because if you are sufficiently motivated by something, you will make it happen no matter the difficulties.

If you are someone like me you will have a tough time making up your mind as to which interest you follow next and just let fate decide for you but that’s, no way to live a life. You need to stand up for yourself and be counted amongst the human beings that have done something worthwhile in their lives and left a legacy behind regardless of what it is. A mark on humanity saying I was here is always worth your time as for some it’s their children, others its a work of art, a novel or maybe even an invention. A few contribute such ground breaking advances in science such as the discovery of a new element or DNA but each of us must make sure we are responsible for at least one thing even if it’s just a house we renovated to live in it more peacefully.

I believe achieving this will give you a sense of purpose and happiness because as the noted philosopher Aristotle once mused and maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit too much here – the purpose of life is happiness.

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