Community pop up cafe @ Westgate Hall

Today I visited this venue and after finding out that the entrance that they use is round the other side of the building ie not the one next to the Curzon cinema; I went inside and was greeted by a pleasant lady. There were more nice ladies inside who asked what I wanted to drink and eat and after that business was concluded, I started talking to Karen who was on my table.  She had a curry puff with salad and potato wedges while I dined on falafel with the same accompanying veg and coffee. There was the slight accident of everyone who ordered coffee actually got what we all thought was Turkish style but was in fact just made with ground coffee but I have made the same mistake myself so I wasn’t one to grumble here.

It turns out that Karen worked for Relate so was a counsellor by trade and also knew another Karen that was there who ran Leonara’s Bistro. There was another lady there called Claire and she helped to run the cafe so was pleased that word was getting out about her latest venture.

The Westgate Hall put on many activities throughout the year on a very regular basis with ceroc which is a combination of jive and salsa being on Tuesdays and salsa on Thursdays. They are also doing a vintage clothes sale on Saturday with them being retailed by the kilo so if your interested, you will be sure of a good deal.

The pop up cafe happens every Tuesday at 1230pm and sells vegetarian and vegan food on a pay what you can afford basis. There are drinks, main courses and puddings on offer.

You will meet a cross section of Canterbury at lunch time that you may possibly never meet otherwise so it’s always worth trying out something new as you never know what may come from it.

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