It is nice when you obtain an inner peace that allows you to view the world around you as a place of opportunity, magic and wonder. No I am not on drugs, I am completely sober also. I like autonomy and it’s amazing how a few simple tweaks to life can produce so much difference. Taking charge of your diet, working for your happiness, doing what you want when you want while accepting that work is necessary and required but if you enjoy it, it’s not really work is it? We have so many outdated ideas about what life should comprise and what we should be doing on a daily basis. Life is for your own enjoyment, even the ancient Greeks knew this. We have somehow lost this in our current 24/7 world but with the recent rise in mindfulness, mediation and spiritual awareness I believe we are clawing back our sanity from the rise of technology and its ubiquitious presence.

I live a lifestyle which can be considered the envy of those of who work in offices 9-5 5 days a week. There is a harmony to knowing that you will only work those hours and nothing more but we all know that due to the nature of business and the commercial world that we live in, the hours are quite frequently longer. Since I can more or less choose my own hours, the tasks to do and when, it gives a lot more freedom but what is lost is the sense of structure and since when you are free, everyone else is not; you do have to be a rather strong person as its a lonely existence being a free spirit at times.

Motivation is a key player here and I know that I need to listen to my body as I don’t always feel like cleaning the house and I also have to be respectful of my house so I can’t always hoover when I see that it is necessary. Now while this may sound like a first world problem, giving yourself time to recharge your batteries is extremely important as this is why depression, suicide and self medicating with alcohol, cigarettes etc is on the rise in an effort to keep up the image that everything is rosy while it is clearly not. We need to take a long, hard look at ourselves and think why are we doing this? What are we accomplishing and who are we doing it for? If it is not beneficial we need to start making some changes like adopting a healthier diet or increasing our exercise, perhaps even taking a holiday to readdress our work/life balance. When everything is in proportion we will feel better about our bodies. this may sound rather evangelical from my point of you as I’m self employed but you can do this too if you really want to.

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