Creativity, anxiety and writers block

As I’m learning about myself as I’m such a complex person like we all are, I’m gaining awareness of what makes me tick and how to look after not only my physical well being but my mental health too. Mental health is even more fragile than our physical health as we cannot see yet it is always present in the background. We neglect to look after our minds and then we wonder why we have mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks and get depressed.

Just like there is a thin line between love and hate there is between the creative impulses that are positive and the negative impulses that our brain creates for us. Those with higher intelligence also tend to be isolated for their brains tend to torture them not only with flashes of inspiration but also images of the most horrific nature and its up to there own beliefs etc to stand up and get rid of the those thoughts that are unwarranted and unwanted. This constant fight between good and evil is extremely tiring but most people only see the end result when the person can no longer continue to battle. If only life was as easy as visiting a Pokemon centre to be instantly healed.

When we try to just live with just the positivity though it can feel like we are only experiencing half of what life has to offer. Yes everyone would love a pristine life but that’s an idealistic dream that rarely comes true for is there is no darkness how can you measure how good everything is? The universe is made of opposites and therefore you need to have both in your life to create balance and to understand all things.

Writers block is created when you try to control everything and you have gone as far as you can go in your current situation and something needs to change to reinvigorate your creative juices. It is usually when the darkness has taken hold of you but you are not Darth Vader and need to find a way back to becoming Anakin Skywalker.

The interspersing of pop culture references help to stop an article such as this from being too sombre as you need to tread a fine line between getting peoples attention with a novel idea but also keeping it with the occasional light touch. It also shows that this material is relatable to all ages and is not just a philosophical discussion on the ills of the world. Another aspect is to show how easily the mind can distracted from an unpleasant chain of thoughts to one that is completely different just by the use of different words. Pattern recognition is an amazing technique that can connect all sorts of disparate ideas into a cohesive whole that has a shocking amount of depth that you would not understand if all of those different threads had not been collected together for your later examination.

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