Like a fine wine, one should get better as they age but it does not always feel like this especially in today’s youth obsessed culture. We forget the values of honesty, modesty and chastity in our efforts to be centre stage all of the time. We need to take time out occasionally to reflect on earlier times to see what they thought was most important as we may learn some important lessons that would otherwise be forgotten in the midst of progress. Just like the current upswing in vinyl sales, we are learning that despite all of the technological changes and improvements, sometimes the old ways are the best but we don’t realise until we stop to look and think. For our eyes are only really opened if we have open minds and hearts to all that is around us. Old wives tales remain in our culture and aural heritage because what they encapsulate is essentially true.  We have to have the foresight to appreciate that they too learnt from their forefathers in a never ending circle of wisdom as we are forever standing on the shoulders of giants.

We are losing a sense of community here in the UK so we are fighting to regain it as that is what makes a better place to live. Shared knowledge, kinship and affiliation bind stronger than money does although blood may be the strongest tie there is. We can learn from other cultures that still have there bonds in place and reinforce our own as well as creating new ones. We can create a better country and have better lives but we have to be willing to accept all people.

As you grow you discard the beliefs and attitudes of childhood like a snake shedding its skin and go into a completely new being that appreciates all that adulthood has to offer. Not just the outward appearances of sophistication like classical music, classic hollywood or even olives and martinis (dry, dirty and with vodka) 😉 but you come to realise that there are horrors of the world like those shown in the Handmaid’s Tale or Patrick Melrose. Gotta love me some Bendy dick Cucumber patch. Yes this is not the usual style of writing one should adopt when trying to make serious points but it more accurately reflects what actually happens inside my mind and its not always appropriate or civilised. Certain impulses have to be controlled so that one appears disciplined and put together at all times even if you want to burst into tears as the emotional torment that exists in your body is so great it wishes to burst though like the aliens in MIB.

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