Now these are things that are inbuilt in most people or at least if not innate, they are acquired pretty early on. I have had to gain these for myself in later life which has been quite a protracted struggle. There is always a sense of missing out when you censor yourself as you don’t connect as well if you have shared history. The flip side of course is that you risk offending them and lose a budding friendship. It like walking a tightrope as there is always the sense of failure but if you manage to make it, there is the sense of achievement which reinforces what you said/did. This doesn’t always work but it’s a good yardstick for other encounters.

When you don’t have filters it can be extraordinarily tiring trying to deal with all that input. It does however, allow you to draw your own conclusions though and not accept the ready made ones handed out by everyone else. This means that when you have dealt with the backlog, you have possibly a more informed view of the world than anybody else who may have taken shortcuts by having the thinking done for them. It’s very easy to go with the grain and I can see why many would because our lives are so very busy these days. If instead we take time out to contemplate what is really important to ourselves then we might live happier lives.

Innovation often comes from thinking about thinking (metacognition). In this way we can act on our tiggers so that we live more peaceful and cooperative lives. We are social creatures and we all need social interaction to be healthy. Some of us like differing levels and have to experience life before deciding that ultimately it is a good thing but nevertheless, socialising is of crucial importance to our survival.

Creativity requires a certain amount of isolation to really hone in on our skills but when we are done, we like to celebrate our achievements with others. We like to feel appreciated and that are talents are a worthwhile investment of our time. We would not feel part of society if our efforts seem to be going to waste. This is incredibly demoralising and we should work on ending this. If everyone did more of what they liked and wanted, the world would be a much more serene place. There may also be a creative flowering similar to the Renaissance although this may be pushing the boat out to far to think such a magnificent event is possible.

So do your best to enjoy yourself as you only have one life and we only have one planet. Just be mindful that others version of fun may not be compatible with yours.

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