The power inherent in Autism

All autistic people have an obsession. In fact many have several. It’s this overwhelming desire to possess all knowledge on a certain subject that can be put to good use if channeled correctly.

It is a crying shame that the majority of autistic people are unemployed. We have extensive knowledge on subjects that are esoteric yes but if we are also respected for this depth of knowledge we can change the world. This may be a controversial post as I’m quite passionate about helping others but I believe that all of us have strengths and if we play to them, the world will be more productive. A happy worker is one that produces more and will willingly do so. If you look after your workforce then they will reciprocate. These are all well known facts but for too long they have been ignored. Social media is providing the impetus for change through a widening awareness of the nature of life all across the globe.

Therefore, I think we are missing out on so much by employing autistic people as they don’t conform to what most think is necessary. Society is changing and adapting to be gender neutral, inclusive of all sexuality’s and also becoming accepting of all disabilities. I am perhaps quite idealistic in wanting the world to be run on more meritocratic rules but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be like that given the above statement. Imagine what could be created if the barriers that prevent acceptance are removed and we truly become one nation and one people.

The time is now for us so whatever your speciality is, you should go forth and do it!

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