I have great difficulty making decisions but not because I’m incapable. I often have too much choice and since I analyse everything to the nth degree; this means that frequently I am left in a quandary. I simply can’t rationalise and pick which is the best option.

This is easily demonstrated by the fact that I visited a Radley store recently and they were having a sale like everywhere else at this time of year. Outlet stores sell there goods much cheaper than usual stores so there were some very good bargains in store. They had lots of styles and colours. They had bags for all occasions, purses and possibly even a suitcase. As you can imagine this amount of variety without a solid idea of what I wanted; meant I just looked at them all for a long time. When I’m thinking I’m not particularly expressive verbally as that takes too much effort. So it’s quite an art communicating with me and figuring out what I really want out of an experience. Luckily I had a friend present this time and you sometimes come across helpful shop staff like the lady in the store. She was gently persuasive and guiding. Slowly we gathered what I was after as I learnt through what was available and what was practical. What I was initially drawn to turned out to not actually be the best option and the next candidate was expensive as it was new. So I eventually went for something practical, that can be used everyday, big enough for me but not too big or too small. I may buy some more on another visit but I do have to reign in my impulsive behaviour for though it’s an affordable luxury item, I’m not made of money.

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