Now I have just had my first panic attack of the year. I had 3 last year resulting in my husband calling 999 for the first, being reassured by a nurse friend for the second as I was abroad and the third I managed to deal with myself as I was at a party and had to have some quiet time to myself.

Although these are sudden in there onset and therefore very frightening to me as well as painful; the signs are there to be observed much earlier in the day.

The first involves water but more specifically an inability to shower. This can be because the water is off as the Greek authorities are notorious for doing works whenever they feel like it and for days on end. Or it can be simply that we have had a cold snap in the UK and something as yet unknown has happened to only the showers that worked yesterday.

The second is money as my husband left me some so that I can entertain some friends at the weekend but I can’t find it and my mother in law helped however she can’t find it either.

Third is perhaps overexertion of both mind and body. I get rather over excited and eager when starting new ventures. I put my all into it but it takes it toll on me and it has just exacted its vengeance on me.

I need to chill out with siestas like the Greeks and watch some movies. The internet however is another problem as it drops out every day at unexpected times and it’s been particularly bad today as I’ve been doing more than usual on it.

Computers are also an issue as my body magnetism seems to break them all over a period of time. I’m amazed my phones work as well as they do. Maybe the cases really are magical?

To fix my panic attacks requires peace, quiet, indigestion remedies, water, somewhere to sit/lay down but also something to distract myself with which is usually Greek music since its relaxing and I need to concentrate on it. Finally someone to talk to on the phone. Once the above checklist has been completed I’m fine. The chalky substance is to settle my stomach as it will have become rather turbulent.

Then I just need to be calm and not overanalyse what just happened and why. Perhaps writing like I’m doing right now as if I’m super tired, trying to get to sleep is when it hits. Food that doesn’t agree with me makes it worse too but you never know until you have eaten it and then it’s too late. See how this can be a recurring problem?

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