The timing of inspiration

Right now I suddenly feel like writing an article so I will. I have been trying to think all morning about what to write on here and I wasn’t coming up with anything. I read about analysis paralysis which I definitely have, I thought about my previous posts and how I would need to find something else to write about today. I even started to read a free ebook about 99 ways to get inspiration by Christian Mihai. He does have some good ideas with the most surprising being what would he do? This makes him sound a bit like Jesus etc but he is a successful blogger with a program that you can follow if you have the money. I instead decided to watch a video curated by a friend of mine about how to cure a restless mind. I have one of these too and therefore it was time for me to put her words into practice and that is to perform a brain dump.

As you may have gathered that was a bit of a roller coaster ride of thoughts that were in my head which needed to leave but gathering enough steam to mobilise them into words can sometimes be very tricky.

When the initial steam has dissipated, then you can begin to think rationally and order your thoughts and ideas into much more coherent concepts that can be understood by others. It’s just getting over that initial hill that takes the time because afterwards it feels like your free wheeling all of the time.

I like writing short, what I believe to be punchy articles that get straight to the point as we don’t have much time to contemplate complex issues often. These little snapshots of psychology or neuroscience can be beneficial to understanding our daily lives but in a manageable way that isn’t too full of technical terms. If I do use unusual language I try to explain it as you may not know. On a recent article I commented on about over communication; it was found that it was only useful for a doctor to do this as her patients needed to know the facts of the situation at hand. So keeping things relatively short is best I feel.

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